Other than clinging to one another as they tried to make ends meet, Daniel had the burning desire to leave the past behind and rediscover himself in a new land. There was only one glaring problem: the spirit of the forlorn orphan came with him, infused with pain, loss, and indecisiveness. All the while, he kept his heart under lock and key. Essentially, he wanted to escape his enormous unrest but failed to embrace the lessons that the past was trying to teach him.

As he grew, Daniel’s gaping emotional wounds threatened to destroy him, and he made decisions of which he wasn’t proud. He realized, however, that to err is human, and he muddled through, always looking for “that special someone” who would fulfill every need and facet of his life. In so doing, he learned that love of that magnitude can lift you to the heights of exaltation and then, all at once, drag you into the depths of despair.

Daniel emerged from his first-love experience with the still unanswerable question: “Who am I?” He had no one to turn to for the answer—no one, that is, but the boy he left behind, whose heart and spirit still lived within him, the cause of his tears and disappointments and his misplaced tendency to seek the attributes of a loving heart in one person alone. That decision proved to be a tragic flaw, but he was left with the possibility of redemption—if he only could make the right choices.


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